Hello all. It’s Richard (@richarddoesnotdraw) and @AudityDraws and I gearing up to launch a brand new mobile app for iOS and Android! The app will feature random drawing generators and ways for you to promote your TikTok and Instagram accounts.

The goal here is to help artists get inspired to draw with new ideas and provide a way for them to get more views! Better yet, we would like to do this while providing a free service and not collecting your private information!

We want to be fully transparent and just a fun place for artists of all kinds to relax! We loved that people from all over the world were using our random drawing idea generators in their TikTok videos and we saw the community it created. Community is a valuable thing when created in the art community and once momentum starts, its always good to boost it along to keep the good vibes going!

There are hundreds of combinations for what to draw when using a random drawing generator and sometimes you just need that final spark of imagination. That is where our generators come in! We know it’s still fun to use whether you have a pencil or pen or an iPad Pro with an Apple pencil. Audrey started with traditional media such as pencils, pens, and charcoal among other media while she took art classes growing up. Half way into art college she finally began using a Wacom tablet in the computer lab of Cal State Long Beach. Soon after graduating she got her very own Wacom Cintiq and iPad Pro with an Apple pencil and within months she was making videos for TikTok.

We are here for all you artists out there and want to be a part of your story!

What could be better? Well, getting views and followers is always nice, so we have plans for giving artists features and spotlights as well. We really love the TikTok and Instagram art community and love that you came around to give my wife and I’s blog a try! I hope you all stay tuned and enjoy what’s coming soon!

Keep drawing! Unless you’re like me and you’re just married to an artist. Just keep having fun!

Richard (@richarddoesnotdraw) & Audrey (@auditydraws)

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