Try out our classic GIF idea generator!

Hi guys,

A new blog post. Crazy right? Well, I wanted to remind you all that there is a classic idea generator by clicking here. This is the generator that started everything and led to us making the WannaDraw app!

Also at that link, you can provide suggestions for future prompts on the WannaDraw app because new updates are being made behind the scenes here!

That’s all. I hope you guys are enjoying WannaDraw!

We hope you all had a great Presidents’ Day and Valentines Day!

Audrey and I had a great weekend. It started out with making a video for Valentines day where she drew me as a princess – never would have imagined that! She always draws me for every Valentines Day and I love that. Two years ago it was the Olympics and she drew me as an Olympic skater. Well, here it goes, I’m gonna post the picture here.

And well, now that’s out there! Just wondering what she’ll draw next year. She already has plans for the summer Olympics she says… Anyway the rest of our weekend including her making a Cafe Sketching video at a local mall. It was fun to be recognized by a few people who have watched our videos before! Peace to all. Richard and Audrey

Desktop version of the mobile app will be coming later on this year

Update from Richard! While we are days away from releasing our mobile app, there is already a desktop version of the app in the making!

The desktop version will be a video of the random drawing idea generators we are making.

We have gotten emails about people wondering why GIFs won’t pause on desktop and the solution is less of a gif and more of a video. We will be implementing video versions of our generators into the website very soon so please stay tuned for that!

Richard just loves solving technical issues to problems while Audrey continues on with her pretty pictures. Just kidding.

Richard out!

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