New Generator Out Now – Featuring “what” and “who” new funny random ideas!

Hello! Richard (@richarddoesnotdraw) here and Audrey (@auditydraws) here and welcome to our site for those of you who are new. So here’s the deal, we love random idea generators and we wanted to take this idea and make it an app so more people could enjoy.

Above is Audrey’s random idea generator made in collaboration with yours truly. As an artist, Audrey (@auditydraws) always enjoys getting random prompts for what to draw, so we figured we would make an archive of random drawing generators she had made and put them all in one place.

This website will serve as a personal convenience not only to Audrey, but also to all artists looking to practice their skills with completely random ideas and hundreds of combinations.

Have fun out there fellow artists!

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned!


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