This is the first artist spotlight on WannaDraw!

Hi all, Richard here… Well, it’s been a fantastic first week of WannaDraw being up on the app store! We’ve had almost 1000 different artists submit their stories and even more apply for their video to be featured. Personally for me it was so fun to read them, and now the time has come to post a select few stories below. Thank you all so much for your time writing these and if your story or video did not get picked, we will do our best to sort through old submissions in the future as well! So stay tuned and we appreciate you all!

Here’s the questions we asked:

Q1: Tell us about your backstory with art and social media

Q2: Have there been challenges you have faced as an artist?

Q3: Where do you hope to see yourself in the future?

@keelerbee on TikTok and @keelerbee1224 on Instagram

Q1: I’ve always enjoyed art my whole life. My dad was a very talented artist and I would always watch him draw. He was so talented at creating realistic artwork. However I was always drawn to cartoons I’ve even redraw my coloring. I’m pages as a kid to color them again. I’m a music teacher but all art makes me happy. Social media is a blast and a great way to connect in today’s world.

Q2: My biggest challenge has been to consistently keep art a part of my life. Also I’m really hard on my original art.

Q3: Hopefully making lots of cool things and connecting with more artists on TikTok and other social media.


@Ellen_s_art on Instagram

Q1: I’ve been drawing seriously since 2012 and I now recently found my art style, I post on Instagram. I did post on tik tok as well and I had 16k followers on there but I deleted my account because I couldn’t say my opinion on anything and it was also dying…the algorithm didn’t like me… so now I post only on Instagram and it’s going pretty good

Q2: HANDS! Hands and the human body has always been tricky! But I’ve got the hang of bodies but hands are still a little difficult. And finding my style took me 5 years, I never liked when I tried to draw something from imagination but now I can draw characters from my mind and I’m pretty happy with my style now

Q3: Being a full time artist of some sort. It would be cool to become an illustrator./p>

@tawnisaroach on TikTok

Q1: I was never really interested in art in highschool my focus was more toward business and I.T. When i started working and needed a stress reliever i tried drawing and painting and it really helped, i started getting better and most importantly it made me happy, i posted on facebook and Instagram but it never got me noticed or appreciated, so I’m trying my luck with tiktok now, and with all the other artists on tiktok I’m learning a lot and getting soo much better

Q2: My main challenge as an artist is being an active adult and keeping consistent with my art.

Q3: Im hoping to see myself with an art gallery in the future and having adult and kid classes

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