Artist spotlights – upcoming ongoing series – meet the exciting artists of TikTok and Instagram!

At WannaDraw, we are on a mission to elevate the art genre of entertainment and the artists in it to a higher playing field. There are so many artists out there and many don’t get the recognition they deserve. That’s where the WannaDraw comes in.

We strive to give artists ideas (via random drawing idea generators); but we don’t stop there, we then give them a way of networking to get them more recognition. This comes in the form of embedding TikTok videos, reposting Instagram content (with permission), and this Artist Spotlight blog right here! TikTok has been a great platform to promote individual people and get them more followers across their social media, but hanging out around WannaDraw will hopefully take things one step further.

Now, we won’t take credit if our site helps someone. Really its just about artists’ art being amazing and the fact that we have a community of artists that have banded together.

Thank you everyone for being here.

Audrey and Richard at WannaDraw

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